Marchio OspitalitÓ Italiana Villa Rosetta San Severino Marche


Villarosetta is situated in locality Colmone, near Cesolo, the widest and most populated village of San Severino Town Council, located along the road 502 to Cingoli, just at 3 km from the main town.

The 900 residents and over are distributed on the land shared in this way: High Cesolo, Cucchiaio, Torrone, Barbiato, Colmone, even if most of them are concentrated on the main road. The village is crossed by the Great Trench that born by the Acuto Mount (m. 800 u.s.l.) at the border between Cingoli, Treia and San Severino, carries out a crossing about of 12 -13 km and flows in the Potenza river to the height of S. Lazzaro. Right under the football court, the river, after a waterfall, expands as a natural small lake making an evocative scenery.

The land is mainly hill, and the highest crests are the Riballa mountain that rises over the village and form the wide panoramic hill of Colmone , about m. 350 u.s.l.

Very fascinating is San Bartolomeo hill that is situated in a charming position, from which it enjoys a marvellous sight of the inhabited Cesolo and from there the look can arrive until San Severino.

A very characteristic place is the block of high Cesolo, where the villa and the other old palaces award to the area a particular glamour, from one side full of mystery and on the other side echoing of rites, tastes, and atmosphere of the old time.

The symbol of Cesolo represents an oak and precisely that marvellous example knock down for security reason on the 1988 that raised majestic near the church. The tree was traditionally called “Oak of Saint Margherita” even if it really was some centuries younger than the Saint patron. The choice of this symbol beyond that the above mentioned reason, has been due to the fact that the wide territory of Cesolo is, since the antiquity, very rich of these trees.

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